Earlier this year I finished my notebook that I use to take notes in meetings, make my lists etc. So off I took myself to Typo for a new notebook. I literally spent an hour choosing a new notebook, you swear I was making a life long commitment! I got seriously stuck in the detail.

I deliberated on colour, size. Going back and forth! I was placing soooooo much importance on this notebook, for me it is a year long commitment! For you, you are probably thinking, seriously?!?!

It eventually took a complete stranger to look at me and tell me which one to buy, because she said it suits me……a pair of fresh eyes!

I’m passionate about a lot of things, one of them of course being marketing, but with this little decision even I found myself getting stuck in the detail. It made me think about how often we can do that with our marketing. Here are a few thoughts on liberating your marketing and getting a fresh perspective.

  1. Get the facts down about your marketing. Be objective in what is and isn’t working. Couple that REALISTICALLY with how much you are spending and if your marketing spend is in line with your expectations.
  2. Never underestimate the power of a team! Sometimes as the head, or the boss, you can be too stuck in the detail, that you can’t see what is really happening. Get together with your team and brainstorm. Never is there a truer word, that two is better than one, and often your team may see things that you can’t.
  3. Take 5. Don’t try to change your marketing at financial year end or when pressures are at an all time high! Take time, maybe after you’ve been on leave to re-look your marketing plan and spend. There is never a wrong time to re-look a marketing plan or strategy. This doesn’t have to be done in January, but it should be done regularly and when you have the proper time to allocate to it.
  4. Lastly, call in an expert. As a business owner or director you wear many hats in any single day. Sometimes you can’t wear all the hats and it’s necessary to let an expert who lives and breathes marketing for a living to look at your marketing strategy objectively and give you guidelines on changes you could make.

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