A goal without a plan

Is just a wish

WHAT I DO – Professional Marketing Expertise

All brands are different and that is why I don’t do marketing packages. There is no 1 size fits all solution. However, getting your marketing correct is very much like building a puzzle. Build the border, and then start filling in the pieces. So it’s no surprise that with all my clients I follow a structure approach to marketing. When I speak of professional marketing expertise, I’m talking about my approach to brands and their marketing, that comes from years of experience, using tried and tested marketing methods, founded on solid marketing principles and a little old  fashioned way of doing things.  Merge that with digital marketing and new ways doing things and you have a great combination for successful marketing of a brand. 


Step 1 puzzle piece

Marketing Strategy 

Deciding how you are going to tackle your marketing of your business, and what you want to achieve, is a very important first step you should take in getting your foundation right.

Getting your marketing strategy right is the crucial first piece of the puzzle and once you have that in place the rest of the puzzle pieces naturally fall into place.

Book a marketing brainstorm session with us and let us get the foundation of your marketing right from the start.


Step 2 puzzle piece

Marketing Planning 

Once you have the marketing strategy in place, you need a marketing plan so that you  can make the most effective use of the budget you have.

Let us help you plan your marketing spend in the right spaces so that you get your brand noticed. There is no use doing adhoc marketing without a plan as I guarantee you it will not be successful.

This step in the puzzle is essential for your business, so that you can effectively budget for your spend and also have a roadmap to refer to throughout the year, of where you are heading.


Step 3 puzzle piece


The last piece of the marketing puzzle is putting this into action, which is the really fun part (because it’s what we live and breathe). Unfortunately, it is the part that most people don’t have time for and that is why we are here.

 We are your one stop marketing agency for all your marketing needs. Let us manage your social media, handle your graphic design, Website design, or write your newsletters. Leave your PR or event management up to us and allow yourself to concentrate on your business. If it is marketing related, it’s our game and we cannot wait to get started!

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We are based in Ballito but service clients all over the country. Today’s technology allows us to be connected and at your service, whenever and wherever you need.

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