The importance of a multifaceted digital strategy cannot be emphasised enough. I truly believe in my consultancy that one cannot hope to have a successful marketing strategy without looking at all the channels that are available to you. One could consider it like a fibre wire. Each wire has its own unique role or function,  but is equally as important in working together in achieving the end goal of delivering Fibre to your home or office. In the same way you cannot hope to have a successful digital marketing strategy by playing only in one space and hoping it will cover the bases of all the other channels.

This is normally quite an overwhelming task as businesses normally don’t know where to begin, but here a few steps and things that need to be considered  when developing a multifaceted digital strategy.

1. Looking at all the available channels in a Multifaceted Digital Strategy

You know you’ve got to get into the digital game, but you don’t know where to start. As the world has moved rapidly into the digital area they have been explosions in how many digital channels are available to businesses: namely Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat , Mailchimp,  Llinkedin, Websites and the list goes on.  This can be somewhat overwhelming, but I urge you to look at the channels first, without judgement and find out what each one does first.

2. You don’t have to play in all of them

Just because the channel exists, doesn’t mean you need to play in it. Each channel works very differently. Mailchimp for example has a very different in role and result to Facebook Marketing. So often I consult with clients that have a Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and they haven’t posted on these for 2 years.

What is very important and I’ll reiterate it again, is that just because it exists doesn’t mean you need to play in it. For example, I would not have a Pinterest account as a Marketing Consultancy, as I can’t see how it would make sense for me , nor would I get any traction for my brand.

However, a chef or an interior designer would do very well in this space, showcasing recipes or home design projects they have recently completed.

Another thing to consider is the limitations you have from a time perspective in managing the channel. By this I mean if you are not able to manage the channel that you are going to be present in, rather don’t have it. You do yourself and your brand no favours by having an Instagram account if you are never going to post to it. I’d rather pick 2 to 3 channels and do them properly than have seven channels that you cannot service.

3. The power of planning

You had to know that I would throw this in here 😉

It is imperative before you start a channel that you research the differences between all the marketing channels and find out which one will suit your market or alternatively enlist the services of a marketing consultancy that can help you navigate this digital world.

Once you have researched the channels you are going to play in,  I would seriously encourage you to sit down and plan in advance. One of the most common complaints I received from clients is that they are not able to find the time to manage the digital platforms they are playing in, and as a result end up not doing anything at all.

This can be easily mitigated by setting aside just a couple of hours a month, planning what it is that you’re going to post and then scheduling it in advance or outsourcing the bits to a Marketing Company that can do it for you.  

Not only will your marketing strategy be more cohesive and likely to gain traction, but if you are consistent on all your platforms and not posting and scheduling content to your market haphazardly, your marketing will start to have a thread and not be all over the place. The result is that your customer will be able to “feel” it and you will reap the benefits. In a nutshell if you are not all over the place, your marketing won’t be all over the place and it will hold more weight and gain more traction.

It can be daunting looking at a multifaceted strategy but following these three steps will hopefully give you a game plan and will help you to get into the digital space in the proper way.