Whilst on a recent camping holiday with my family at Glengarry in the Kamberg. I got the opportunity to do some beautiful trail runs. The scenery is spectacular up there and before you know it you’ve run 9km without noticing! I run not only for the amazing benefits and because I’m a much nicer person when I do ?, but  because Ironically it’s the one time I’m actually not thinking, other than when I’m sleeping. However on this particular run I couldn’t help but draw some startling comparisons or similarities with a good marketing strategy and my run.

Here are just 3:

1. Pause for just a second

Pause Take in what’s around you,  and look at what you ARE doing right. I am aware that sometimes as we get stuck into the nitty gritty of our businesses, we can get stuck in “fix it mode” Marketing strategy isn’t about setting your goals and then running with it, without fail, until review time. As the good old Richard Carlson from Don’t sweat the small stuff say: Remind Yourself that When You Die, Your “In Basket” Won’t Be Empty. So do take time to take a breather and look at the current successes and victories in your marketing and then duplicate that. And once you’ve celebrated the marketing victories, make the changes to the parts of your strategy that aren’t working. Remember Marketing Strategy, isn’t a lifetime commitment, it is an ongoing working document.

2. Don’t be so stuck looking down that you don’t see the dangers aheadmarketing strategy - Looking at shoes

The road on this run was particularly sludgy, due to the huge amounts of rain. As a result by 4km in, I was carrying about a kilogram of mud on the soles of my shoes. I got to this gate in the fence line as I was crossing two paddocks,  and I used the opportunity of the chicken wire to rub off the mud from my shoes. I was moving though , and didn’t want to waste too much time,  so I did it quickly and headed over the other side……nearly landing myself in DEEP muddy water!!! I was so busy looking at the chicken wire whilst moving that I didn’t see the dangers ahead! The same applies to your marketing strategy. Sometime you can be SO focused on following through,  on that strategy, that you’re not listening to your customers, or managing responses to your advertising. It’s a fine dance, but you must always have your eyes and ears open and be LISTENING to your audience. They will always guide you as to whether your strategy  is working or not.

3. Sometimes the route you choose won’t be the right one

Wrong turn I took some wrong turns on my run and at times had to stop,  regroup and decide which route was going to be the better one to take. The same is true for your marketing strategy. Not everything will work. There will be campaigns that you think will fly and they will bomb! Don’t live in fear. But be proactive to make the changes when necessary to correct your path. Trust yourself.  I don’t think we trust ourselves enough in our marketing. Marketing Strategy is a big word that scares a lot of people. But it needn’t be. With the proper thought and time given, it can be probably the most valuable time you put into your business and is an essential working tool to successful marketing.