Gary Vaynerchuk is very outspoken in the marketing world on this topic and he believes that the ultimate Marketing Strategy you can have,  is to care for your customers. One of his more well-known quotes is therefore no surprise:  “The best marketing strategy ever: care.” 

The way I market my clients and drive strategy is very much in line with this principle. Not only do I strive to do this in my own business FOR my clients but also for THEIR clients/customers.

So, it got me thinking: Does your marketing sell happiness? And I don’t mean the fleeting kind of happiness that a brand-new car can deliver.

  1. Does your marketing sell something you can’t really deliver on?
  2. Does your marketing say what you mean and mean what you say?
  3. And if you promise and don’t deliver for whatever reason, how do you deal with conflict?

In this day and age, we are bombarded with messaging. In the past week I received in excess of 450 messages on whatsapp alone! Never mind the emails and phonecalls from companies trying to sell me a cell phone contract etc etc.

Consumers are craving authentic messaging, they are looking for messaging that is personal and makes them feel like you really DO care.

Here are a few tips on how I think you could achieve that:

Make them feel No 1:

Does your messaging resonate with your target market and if you’re not sure, have you ever thought about asking your customers what they want? When they reply on your facebook page, do they just get the automated message reply from you, or do you take the time to reply and personally message them back?

Stir emotion – Keep it real.

Do you ever allow your customer to step into your world? Have you ever posted on your social media behind the scenes footage or pics? Sometimes and where appropriate, your marketing doesn’t have to be the perfectly designed post or brochure. Remember: Personal yet Professional!

Resolve Conflict- Always:

Lastly, when you do get it a wrong, or a customer has vented how much they hate you on social media or online, how do you respond? Firstly, don’t panic! There is this saying: “There is no such thing as bad press! “ Whilst I’m not 100% convinced that is always true, I do know that how you respond to the customer goes a long way and the other customers who see your response are also able to make up their own minds about your brand as well as the person who is ranting.

Whatever you do, don’t just delete the comment online and think it’ll go away. Secondly, find out the facts before you respond and lastly put yourself in their shoes. If there’s truth in the comments, learn from them, dust yourself off and care enough to make it up to them.

Ultimately, just care. Care enough to look at your marketing and care about your customers. I can assure you, it will get you noticed and separate your brand from the masses.

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