Back to basics

I always joke with my clients and people that I meet, when I give them my 60sec elevator speech ,that I come from the ‘Nerdy side of marketing.’

With all of today’s technology, gizmos and latest and greatest ways to market your brand, it is so easy to get lost. But don’t fret all that is really is required is some back to basics marketing.
So I when I first meet with a client it is all about the Marketing Strategy Plan for me. I know I sound like a broken record but it really believe it is the foundation to any business success.
So here are 3 ‘nerdy ‘questions you should be asking of your current marketing plan.

1.WWW- Who Where What:
Who is your target market, where will you find these people and what exactly are you selling. If you can’t answer these questions really easily, it’s time you put pen to paper and answer them now.

2. Channels: Where are you currently marketing? Are you ‘spraying and praying’ or are you focussed in your approach. Which channels are working and which ones aren’t. Where would you like to play? Are there markets you believe you are missing out on and do you have the budget to extend into those marketing spaces?

3. It is about the money: What is your budget? One has to be realistic not only about the cost of your marketing activity but also about the money you are spending on your marketing . So often I will hear a client say they are spending SO much marketing, when in actual fact for the relevant medium they are using, they are not really realistic about their spend. And also so often clients are not spending enough and also more importantly they are not spending it correctly and in the wrong place.
Do you feel like you are spending a fortune on marketing and not getting the return you hoped? Then contact me. I’d love to be able to help you fix that.