Are you planning to fail?

One of the hardest and definitely most tragic parts of my job is when I meet with a new client and they tell me they’ve spent a fortune on their marketing with little or no result. And 9 times out of 10 when I ask what their Marketing Plan looked like for the year,...

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Play to your Marketing strengths

We work in a very competitive environment and everyone is trying to make a successful living out of their businesses. However all too often I see clients falling into the trap of diversifying their core business to the extent that the end consumer, your client, ends...

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Carpe Diem Marketing

It is nearing the end of the year, in fact in just 6 week's we will be singing 'Auld lang syne' and looking back on 2015, reminiscing what worked what didn't and how we can get better. It is hard not to put your foot down on the clutch and coast into neutral, thinking...

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Back to Basics Marketing

I always joke with my clients and people that I meet, when I give them my 60sec elevator speech ,that I come from the ‘Nerdy side of marketing.’ With all of today’s technology, gizmos and latest and greatest ways to market your brand, it is so easy to get lost. But...

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Gut instinct

It’s a tough one this following your gut thing, especially if you’re a small business and you need the sale. For decades, even centuries people have been quoting intuition. Steve Jobs called intuition “more powerful than intellect.” And Albert Einstein called it the...

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Refocus Marketing

Just because you do all the right things, follow at the ‘right steps’ doesn’t mean that you are totally guaranteed your marketing strategy will work. There can be several factors that can play a role in why your marketing  is not working and why your brand is not...

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Start small

There is that very true saying: ‘Dynamite comes in small packages’ and yet when we think about Marketing budgets, the same some however doesn’t apply. All of a sudden that goes out the window and we believe that if you can’t throw the big budget at the problem your...

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Marketing Strategy First

Whether you are a small business or a fortune 500 company you need a Marketing strategy. One would think that its common sense to have one, however many business owners fall into the trap of marketing and spending budget on advertising without a clear cut plan in...

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